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Do any of the following resonate with you?

Your intent doesn’t lead to action

Your thoughts or feelings are overwhelming

Others don’t listen or believe you

Your recurring failures prevent
long-term success

Your relationships at home or work include conflict

Behaviour Therapies are the scientifically proven alternative to medication.

Looking for a therapist in Vancouver, BC?

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You are welcome to come in to my office in Vancouver to meet me and to let me how I can help you. There is no charge for introductory appointments.

How I can help?

Life can be full of challenges that may seem overwhelming.

We all have times when we need a different perspective to change our lives for the better. Even when life feels hopeless, there are always choices and reasons to hope if we look at our strengths, rather than being boxed in with our problems. My experience and success as a Behaviour Analyst takes the guesswork out of finding solutions. I have a reputation for honouring the people I serve with the positive, life-changing outcomes you choose.

Behaviour Therapy Services

Therapy for Everyone from Teens to Older Adults

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