Consulting for Individuals in Care

Bobbi positively supports environmental behaviour change and success for each individual, as well as their care providers.

When a workplace offers solutions, personal safety and proven opportunities to serve the people you do your work for, job satisfaction increases.

  • Bobbi analyzes what will work and what won’t work for both the individual and their supporters.
  • She makes your job easier because therapeutic success builds successful client outcomes.

Challenging behaviour has a powerful capacity to affect everyone in the environment of a person living with mental health and behaviour challenges. Staff must become a positive behaviour support therapist for the person-served. Let us show you how.

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Case Studies


Max was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 8 years old as a new immigrant to Canada. Parley supported him as a young adult to successfully finish college, obtain work and have friends. 


Marie survived an acquired brain injury from a snowboarding accident at the age of twenty-one when she was in the final year of her degree studies.  From facility care to her own apartment, Marie has spent many years working to resume her life in a meaningful way.


Scott is a gregarious, extroverted and ambitious artist who survived a serious motor vehicle accident at the age of thirty while he was living in Europe. The injury resulted in quadriplegia, which left him in a wheelchair and with speech challenges. His Doctors said his life would be spent in a hospital bed. Now Scott lives in his own apartment with less than 20 hours a week of support. Scott has been working steadily since 2004 on his goal to walk again and his is able to take steps on a treadmill daily. Scott is busy with community participation and is planning to travel abroad again with his family.