Bobbi works with you to customize teaching to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Staff Teams

Parley Services in-service teaching focuses directly on your service delivery, analyzing the background, training, and experience of the service team to meet the learner’s needs.

Parley delivers graduated learning through workshops and in-service support with observation, feedback, practice and reinforcement, accomplishing cultural change and a shift in team competency.

ABA workshops provide a necessary foundation for systematic therapeutic support for teams dealing with challenging behaviours. Topics such as preferred practices based in behavioural science, positive behaviour support, risk management and data collection techniques are practiced to support the learner.

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BCBA Clinical Practice Workshops

Group workshops are offered for Board Certified Behaviour Analysts who require ABA skill development to increase their scope of practice include topics such as:

  • Human Rights considerations when working with Adults
  • Functional Analyses in health care settings  
  • Working in Health Care settings 
  • Working with Multi-disciplinary teams  
  • Addressing complex and long-term diagnoses 
  • Recognizing mal-adapted long term behaviours in adults 
  • Data collection in natural settings 
  • ACT and DBT principles and techniques
BACB - Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Authorized Continued Education Provider, ACD


Parley Services is offering group workshops for Board Certified Behaviour Analysts who require ABA skill development to increase their scope of practice. Sessions are for Consultants who want to work in British Columbia with adults in Health Care Hospitals and Facilities, or working with individuals living with Mental Health diagnoses outside of the Autism Spectrum. 

Workshop sessions will be structured seminars with up to 5 participants, scheduled one month in advance on an online platform. Session descriptions include a content description and learning objectives so participants are prepared to participate. Questions may be submitted in advance.

Digital and in-person (when allowed) one hour workshops are scheduled to fit with work schedules at 8:30am, 12noon and 5:30pm (PST). 

The fee per workshop session is $125.00. CEU’s are included in the session fee.  Agencies may purchase a subscription at a discount. Some topics may require more than one session to obtain the CEUs.

The workshops are facilitated by Bobbi Hoadley, M.Ed., BCBA, RCC:

Bobbi’s scope of competency includes serving adolescents and adults with complex mental health challenges, primarily in Health Care settings. Her background includes 3 years of fieldwork consulting and teaching in the Provincial Neuropsychiatry Program; as well as behaviour support with survivors of acquired brain injuries since 2002; and multiple projects teaching staff in Psychiatry, Tertiary Mental Health and Assisted Living facilities throughout BC.