About Parley Services

Bobbi Hoadley, Behaviour Analyst, Consultant and Therapist

Parley empowers people with diverse abilities in partnership for positive life change through efficient and measurable learning.

I love our work. Analysis is a continual exercise in discovery. To me every life is a book and every client is a teacher. Witnessing positive life change, and influencing systems for positive change is a significant reward for me.

– Therapist, Consultant, President and Practice Leader, Bobbi Hoadley

Meet Bobbi Hoadley

I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Clinical Counsellor and am also fully qualified in neuropsychiatric behavioural therapy and rehabilitation.

I am the only Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Behaviour Therapist in British Columbia with long-term expertise in adolescent and adult mental health recovery using Applied Behaviour Analysis, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Positive Behaviour Support.

I have offered client-centred, solution-focused therapy and intervention for individuals living with mental health challenges since 2004. I enhance counselling, recovery and rehabilitation with the new technology of behaviour analysis to generate significant, measured progress for the people we serve throughout British Columbia.

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Through all my work, my purpose is to ensure that your psychosocial needs are being met; learning is taking place; and new habits are being successfully integrated into daily life.

Together we build sustainable support with positive behaviour support and strategies that facilitate recovery empowering you to independently pursue your desired quality of life.

My Ethical Principles

My Core Priorities for Serving Individuals

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Person-centered focus, finding the ways to offer choice and control

Accommodation for each individual’s capacity that empowers self-determination and accountability

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Cognitive support to optimize functional capacity and participation

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Functional communications teaching to enable effective interactions

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Positive Behaviour Support that empowers everyone to facilitate productive outcomes

My Service Principles

Parley Services service principles embrace the ethical principles set out in the BABC Guidelines for Responsible Conduct, and ensure that my standards of service meet the needs and expectations of my clients.

In All My Work I Believe

  • You deserve to be treated as credible, and with respect, dignity, and personal responsibility.
  • You find meaning and purpose in personal goals you can successfully work to achieve.
  • You will make good choices and be true to yourself when you know how.
  • Your personal growth is optimized when you have acceptance, encouragement, and constructive support in your life.
  • You are empowered when you are self-determining and self-reliant.
  • You have the right to be a participating member of the community in which you live.

Principles of Assessment and Planning Work

  • Individuals and their families know themselves best.
  • Assessment is most useful to an individual when it provides insight into opportunities for future growth and development.
  • Individuals deserve to have full access to, understanding of, and agreement with any evaluation of themselves or intervention planned.
  • Your human rights are a priority.
  • When an individual elicits behaviour that creates problems, we first determine what the specific needs are, that are not being met for that individual.
  • Behaviour support is a collaborative process that offers options and solutions that the individual wishes to address.
  • Punishment is not effective. When natural consequences do not occur naturally, the only reasonable alternative is contingency planning with the individual.

Principles For Teaching

  • Service delivery to individuals living with challenges must be compassionate, respectful, collaborative and proactive regarding the challenges, to be effective.
  • Service delivery to individuals with challenges in their life must be responsive and proactive regarding challenges to be effective.
  • The capacity for successful outcomes is proportionately increased by the number of individuals working together towards common goals.
  • Every individual will do a better job when they understand how to improve their performance.

Professional Presentations

Bobbi regularly shares her successful outcomes and her expertise in Publications Papers and Presentations.

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